Cena vs Undertaker WrestleMania Showdown: The Epic Encounter

If you’re enthralled by wrestling, the showdown between John Cena and The Undertaker at WrestleMania surely left an indelible mark. Their encounter at WrestleMania 34, characterized by their distinctive charm and wrestling prowess, epitomized the climax of a deeply engaging narrative brimming with tension and challenge.

Historical Context

The iconic “cena vs undertaker wrestlemania” face-off—a battle that goes beyond a mere match, etching itself into WWE lore.

The Rivalry

John Cena and The Undertaker have had one of the most storied rivalries in WWE history. Though their paths crossed occasionally, the tension simmered for years, hinting at a larger confrontation. It’s the kind of rivalry that was built on respect, but underscored by a fierce urge to outdo the other on wrestling’s biggest stage.

  • First Hint of Rivalry: Tension was hinted as early as 2003, setting the stage for future showdowns.
  • Epic Face-Offs: Their rare but impactful clashes ranged from Vengeance 2003 to other sporadic WWE events.

Previous Encounters

Before their high-profile WrestleMania match, Cena and The Undertaker had met in the ring several times. Each encounter added layers to their narrative.

  1. SmackDown 2003: A young Cena challenged The Undertaker, making an audacious statement.
  2. Vengeance 2003: Undertaker defeated Cena, teaching him a lesson in respect.
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Their sporadic skirmishes over the years culminated at WrestleMania 34, where The Undertaker asserted his dominance in a brief yet memorable match.

Cena vs Undertaker WrestleMania
Event Overview

A momentous event that had fans on the edge of their seats, let’s take a closer look at the setting and the scale of this iconic match.

WrestleMania Venue

WrestleMania 34 found its home in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, a venue renowned for hosting large-scale events and one that has previously served as the stage for other historic WrestleMania moments.

Wrestlemania 34
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Date and Attendance

This particular confrontation took place on April 8, 2018. A staggering attendance, reportedly in the ballpark of 78,133 fans, filled the arena, witnessing the spectacle and the intensity of the competition firsthand.

Match Build-Up

You couldn’t have been more excited about the “cena vs undertaker wrestlemania” showdown. It was a match that had fans buzzing with anticipation, wondering how the legendary figures in WWE history would clash on the grand stage.

Storyline Development

The road to WrestleMania was a twisty one as John Cena, left without a path to the biggest wrestling event of the year, took a bold step. He called out The Undertaker. Cena’s challenge was not immediately answered, leaving the WWE Universe in suspense as each week passed.

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Cena’s repeated attempts to provoke a response added a unique edge to the buildup, painting him as a determined hero facing the specter of an absent icon. The intrigue deepened as it remained unclear if The Undertaker would even show up for the confrontation.

Promotional Activities

WWE’s promotion of the event was unconventional, to say the least. Despite being a dream match for many, the Cena vs. Undertaker face-off was notably absent from the official match card. There were no formal promos or typical pre-match theatrics. Instead, the WWE opted for a narrative of uncertainty, fanning the flames of fan speculation and online buzz. It was a gamble that relied on the sheer star power and legacy of the involved wrestlers to carry the hype.

The Match

At the cena vs undertaker wrestlemania event, you witnessed an iconic showdown that will be etched in the annals of WWE history.

Opening Acts

Before The Undertaker and John Cena clashed in the ring, the anticipation reached a fever pitch. The crowd’s energy was palpable as the opening pyrotechnics signaled the beginning of an epic encounter.

Key Moments

  • The Undertaker’s Entrance: A chilling and theatrical entrance, as always, set the tone for the confrontation.
  • Cena’s Rally: Despite being overpowered initially, Cena managed to rally, showcasing his resilience with his signature moves like the “Five Knuckle Shuffle.”
  • The Undertaker’s Dominance: The Undertaker took control with a commanding series of moves, including a devastating chokeslam.
  • The Near Falls: Moments where the bout could have swung either way, keeping you on the edge of your seat.
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The battle concluded when The Undertaker executed a Tombstone Piledriver, leading to a decisive 1-2-3 count. The Undertaker emerged victorious, adding another win to his legendary WrestleMania streak, with John Cena left to acknowledge the superior competitor of the night.

Post-Match Analysis

The showdown between John Cena and The Undertaker at WrestleMania was more than just a match; it was a moment that left a lasting impression on the WWE universe.


After the bout at Cena vs Undertaker WrestleMania, fan reactions were mixed. Some viewers felt the match lived up to the hype, thrilled by The Undertaker’s victory.

Contrastingly, others expressed disappointment, citing the brief duration and the non-promoted nature of the contest, contributing to a sense of a missed opportunity for what could have been a marquee matchup.

Impact on Wrestling History

The impact of Cena vs Undertaker WrestleMania on wrestling history is multifaceted. First, it underscored The Undertaker’s legendary status as he claimed a decisive victory.

This encounter between icons became a seminal event that will be referenced and remembered for years to come within the WWE narrative.


Did John Cena ever wrestle Undertaker at WrestleMania?

Yes, Cena and Undertaker had a match at Wrestlemania 34

How long was John Cena vs Undertaker WrestleMania 34?

the match between Cena and Undertaker lasted only two minutes and 45 seconds

Why did John Cena run at WrestleMania 34?

He didn’t want to steal the spot of a young talented superstar, so he decided to be a part of the crowd at the event

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