WWE Diva Belts: A Look at the Evolution of Women’s Championships

Without a doubt, you’ve observed the striking championship belts adorned by its champions. In particular, the WWE diva belts are noteworthy, acting not only as awards but also as icons of women’s empowerment and achievement within professional wrestling. These belts play a pivotal role in narrative development and rivalries, symbolizing the ultimate achievement for women athletes in the sport.

History of WWE Diva Belts

When you reminisce about the WWE diva belts, you’ll find a lineage filled with change and progression that mirrors the evolution of women’s wrestling itself.

Origin and Evolution

The WWE Divas Championship began as the premier title for female wrestlers in the WWE in 2008, highlighting the athleticism and charisma of its competitors. Initially, it symbolized the shift from the Women’s Championship, serving as a cornerstone for the “Divas” era. During the PG era the Divas Championship received criticism for its design, resembling more of a fashion accessory rather than a traditional championship belt.

The first Diva Belt
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Notable Champions

Throughout its history, there have been key wrestlers who left an indelible mark as champions. AJ Lee, a fan favorite, held the belt in a record-breaking reign that contributed to her legacy in the WWE. Melina and Michelle McCool also had notable reigns, further propelling the title’s prestige among female talents.

AJ Lee with the Diva champion belt
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A significant moment in Divas Championship history was when Charlotte Flair, daughter of wrestling legend Ric Flair, became the last Diva’s Champion and transitioned to the first WWE Women’s Champion of the modern era, symbolizing a new beginning for women in WWE.

Charlotte Flair with the new woman championship
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Design and Features

WWE diva belts have evolved into iconic symbols with intricate designs and personalization options that showcase the wrestler’s character.

Title Design

The Women’s Championship belt typically features a bold, central logo surrounded by ornate gold plating and often accented with color that gives the belt its striking look. The leather strap that holds the belt together comes in various colors, but black is a common choice for its classic, versatile appeal.

Red women champion belt
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Customizations and Side Plates

One unique aspect of WWE diva belts is the ability for customization. Champions can have their side plates personalized, which are the removable panels on either side of the central plate, allowing the belt to be customized with the reigning champion’s initials or logo.

Natalya with her customized side plates
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Current Titles

Raw Women’s Championship

The Raw Women’s Championship is a symbol of excellence for the women’s division on Monday Night Raw. Established in 2016, it replaced the previous Divas Championship, echoing a new era for WWE women athletes. Winners of this title are seen as the top female competitors on Raw, showcasing their talents on a weekly basis.

SmackDown Women’s Championship

On the Friday nights of SmackDown, the SmackDown Women’s Championship takes center stage. Like its Raw counterpart, this title emphasizes the importance of women in sports entertainment. It stands as a testament to the skill and determination required to compete at SmackDown’s highest level for female talent.

smackdown woman champion belt
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Cultural Impact

Representation in Media

WWE diva belts have been prominently featured across various forms of media, elevating the status and presence of women in a traditionally male-dominated sport. Notably, the Divas Championship belt served as a visual metaphor for female empowerment in wrestling.

Influence on Women’s Wrestling

The prestige of holding a WWE diva belt has had a profound impact on the women’s division. It became a coveted achievement that motivated many female wrestlers to pursue greatness. The influence of these belts helped to pave the way for the “Women’s Evolution” in WWE, a movement that saw women being featured in more prominent matches, including main events like Main Match at WrestleMania or the women’s royal rumble

The Women’s Championship and later, the reintroduction of the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships, underscored WWE’s commitment to providing their female performers with equal opportunities to showcase their prowess.

Controversies and Criticisms

Design Critiques: The Divas Championship belt, introduced in 2008, faced criticism for its butterfly design, which some felt did not embody the competitive spirit of the women’s division. Critics argued that it perpetuated a stereotypical image of femininity.


  • In TV time: Women wrestlers often had limited airtime, resulting in shorter matches.
  • In storylines: Critics say that women were sometimes featured more for their looks rather than their wrestling skills.

Title Evolution: The Divas Championship was eventually retired at WrestleMania 32, replaced with the WWE Women’s Championship, which signaled a shift towards a more respected and athletic representation of women in wrestling.

This move was largely praised, as it addressed some criticisms of how the division was being presented. With these changes, WWE aimed to better showcase the talent and athleticism of their female wrestlers.


Why did WWE retire the Divas Championship?

to signal a shift towards a more serious and competitive approach to women’s wrestling in the WWE.

Who has held the Divas Championship the longest?

Nikki Bella with 301 days

Who designed the Divas title?

SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero

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