WWE Fun Facts: Best 22 Funny Facts about WWE

Get ready to be entertained with our assortment of WWE Fun Facts that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Dive into our selection as we reveal the Top 22 Funny Facts about WWE, included in our intriguing collection of Fascinating WWE Facts. From hilarious mishaps to odd behind-the-scenes stories, these facts will provide you with a new outlook on the world of professional wrestling.

Best 22 WWE Fun Facts about WWE Wrestlers

  1. Pat Patterson Creation: You know the chaotic Royal Rumble? It was created by WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson.
  2. Macho Man’s Rap Album: Yep, Randy Savage released a rap album in 2003 titled “Be a Man,” which includes a track calling out Hulk Hogan!
  3. Wrestler Turned Mayor: Kane, also known as Glenn Jacobs, swapped the ring for politics and became the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.
  4. Undertaker’s Phobia: Despite his dark, fearless persona, The Undertaker has a real phobia of cucumbers.
  5. Vince McMahon’s Ban on Sneezing: Vince McMahon reportedly hates sneezing and considers it a lack of control, discouraging it backstage.
  6. Betty White’s Raw Appearance: Television icon Betty White once guest-hosted WWE Raw and even pranked the wrestlers.
  7. Longest Reigning Champion: Bruno Sammartino held the world title for an incredible 2,803 days.
  8. Raven’s Golf Cart Mishap: During WrestleMania X-Seven, Raven accidentally crashed a golf cart during his hardcore match.
  9. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s Fear of Heights: His stunts may say otherwise, but Austin himself is not a fan of heights.
  10. John Cena’s Hidden Talent: Cena can speak Mandarin Chinese pretty fluently.
  11. Boogeyman’s Real Worms: He actually ate live worms during his time in WWE!
  12. Chris Jericho’s Band: Jericho is the lead singer of a metal band, Fozzy.
  13. Big Show’s Big Diaper: He once had to wear a diaper in the ring for a New Year’s Baby promotion.
  14. Goldust’s Tourette’s Storyline: Goldust portrayed a character with Tourette’s in a controversial storyline that couldn’t be forgotten.
  15. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Family Legacy: At least a dozen of his relatives, including Roman Reigns, have been professional wrestlers.
  16. Mick Foley’s Santa Love: Foley enjoys playing Santa Claus during the holidays and even has a room in his house dedicated to Christmas.
  17. Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler’s Artistic Side: Apart from wrestling, Lawler is also a talented artist.
  18. Batista’s Lunchbox Collection: Dave Batista collects vintage lunchboxes, with his favorite being a 1967 Green Hornet.
  19. Charles Wright’s Many Gimmicks: He performed as Papa Shango, Kama Mustafa, and The Godfather – quite a range of personas!
  20. Ric Flair’s Robe Auction: A Ric Flair robe embellished with rhinestones was sold at an auction for an eye-watering $27,000.
  21. Khali as Policman: The Great Khali was a police officer in India before joining WWE.
  22. The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase’s character was inspired by Vince McMahon’s own experiences.

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Best WWE Fun Facts about WWE

  • Unexpected Beginnings: Did you know that the first WWE pay-per-view event was called ‘The Wrestling Classic’ in 1985?
  • All-Women Plans: Imagine SmackDown as an all-women’s show because that was the original plan.
  • Royal Concept: The Royal Rumble’s over-the-top-rope madness? Thank Pat Patterson, a WWE Hall of Famer, for the concept.
  • Championship Duration: Bruno Sammartino holds the record for the longest world title reign in WWE history.
  • Birth of WWE: In 1952, WWE began as Capitol Wrestling Corporation.
  • Vincent J. McMahon Legacy: Vince McMahon’s father, Vincent J. McMahon, was a pioneer in WWE’s formation.
  • Undertaker’s Streak: The Undertaker had a 21-win streak at WrestleMania before his first loss.
  • ‘Stone Cold’ Truth: Steve Austin’s ‘Stone Cold’ persona was suggested by a cup of tea.
  • Championship Materials: Did you ever notice the WWE Championships are sometimes referred to as “titles” or “belts”?
  • Tuned-Up Entrance Themes: Those catchy entrance themes are specially produced to fit wrestlers’ personas.
  • Costume Changes: Wrestlers often redesign their costumes to stay fresh and interesting.
  • Fan Desires: Storylines can change based on fan reactions—your cheers and boos matter!
  • Physical Chess: Wrestling is like physical chess with pre-planned moves and spontaneous reactions.
  • Global Presence: WWE broadcasts to over 150 countries.
  • Behind the Nicknames: Wrestlers’ nicknames are often based on personal traits or backstories.
  • Training Regimens: Wrestlers maintain intense fitness regimens to perform their acrobatic moves.
  • Movie Stars: Many WWE stars have successfully transitioned to Hollywood—like John Cena and The Rock.
  • Video Game Fame: WWE Superstars are prominent figures in video games, action figures, and other merchandise.
  • Unexpected Talents: Wrestlers have a diverse range of talents—some are even classically trained in music.
  • Comedic Skills: The ability to entertain involves a sharp sense of humor—some promos are comedy gold!


What is WWE also known as?

WWE is also known as World Wrestling Entertainment, and it was previously known as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

Who is the youngest WWE wrestler?

The youngest WWE wrestler to sign a contract is Tyler Bate, who won the NXT UK Championship at 19.

Do wrestlers pay for their own travel?

Traditionally, WWE wrestlers were responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses, but this can vary based on their contract.

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